Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wrapping up the weekend.

Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening.

I feel so, so sleepy today. Yesterday I was awake for 24 straight hours, and I don't know if I've ever done that more than a handful of times in my entire life. Even in college I made sure to never pull all-nighters, so Sunday's been a blur.

Last night Harbor and I drove up to Jax for our friend Jenny's birthday party. We ate snacks, told funny stories, and then went dancing at The Pearl downtown. It was a pretty interesting experience, seeing as they played "indie dance hits" which were typically 3 - 4 years outdated, had four trees decorating the interior of the bar, and poured some pretty serious gin & tonics. We were the only group of 20-somethings there for a long time, so perhaps we're not the exact demographic the Pearl regularly draws anymore. It was still really fun though. And we stayed wayyy too late, hence my sleepy zombie state this afternoon.

Lucky for me, after I woke up today one of my roommates announced that she wanted to make scones since it's so gloomy and rainy out. They only took 15 minutes to make! I brewed some Good Earth sweet & spicy tea and ate three mini cinnamon scones with honey on the side as soon as they came out of the oven. Delish.

(Photo by Allie Vander Molen)

This evening I was planning on finishing my granny square blanket while we watched The Super Bowl and ate chips and salsa. But I ended up having too much fun enjoying the commercials and criticizing the halftime performance by The Black Eyed Peas [honestly, who thought that was going to be a good idea?] to pull out my yarn. You may be wondering, "What happened to 'Finish by February'?" Ok, so it's confession time. Yes, it is February 6th and my goal was to be completely done by the 1st, however I'm still working. At first I was sort of bummed I couldn't pull it off by my deadline, but then I realized that I was placing unnecessary pressure on myself for not meeting my own deadline. So my new goal it to be finished by Valentine's Day.

What did you guys do this weekend? I hope you got more rest than I did, but had just as much fun.

Matilda says goodnight and sweet dreams.


  1. The scones look amazing! I am a big scone person, but have never mustered up enough courage to bake my own. I know that sounds silly, but they just look hard to bake!

    PS I owe you an email!

  2. you were awake for 24 hours?? i was asleep for 14 :( lol. how did you do it haha