Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hearts and flowers and all the mushy stuff.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and I'm so excited! I've always loved this holiday, even when I wasn't dating anyone. In fact, this year will be my first Valentine's Day where I've been able to go out on a date with a boyfriend. So I think that's pretty exciting. Still not sure what HB's cookin' up for our date, but I'm sure it'll be cute and low-key and fun. Just like we like 'em.

In the spirit of valentine fun, here are some really great valentine-y things I've seen lately.

Emma's mini red velvet cupcakes! I swear, if I could pick a time to go and visit that adorable Red Velvet Store in Missouri, this would be the time. Last summer I wished to be able to go and have a bubble tea and cupcake in the Red Velvet Sweet Shoppe, browse for a cute new dress, and take an epic roadtrip this Valentine's for a weekend getaway. Buuut, we couldn't swing it. So, I'll just have to be patient a while longer.

When I spotted these valentines on Rachel's blog, I flipped. I think they're so pretty and perfect. But then I clicked through and saw the tutorial, and I enjoyed the actual valentine so much more than the velum envelope I had originally been attracted to. Really great idea for little hands and crafty moms. And for single girls who just love to get their paint on.

I'm a cat person, but these naughty puppy valentines are just really cute. The other night on a run, Harbor thought he spotted a basset hound and it turned out to be a little beagle. Then he said to me, "you know though, a beagle is really just the more athletic basset hound." hah.

Unfortunately, I can't show you the valentines that arrived in the mail for me this week, but after I send them to all my friends I'll be sure to reveal them. They are seriously just too good...

Love birds. Love owls. Love this.

In other Red Velvet news, the brand new online shop opened today! I'm still browsing all the treasures on this site, but this necklace caught my eye right away. How cute would it be to wear on a Valentine's date?! I am thinking about making my own, but I'm torn between this necklace or my own take on a mini heartlette crown.

Decisions, decisions.

And, the most incredible Valentine's Day treat I've seen this week is Photojojo's Instax Mini pack. You get a camera, a pack of film, and little photo caption stickers for super cheap. I looooove instant photos!

Do you have any plans for this holiday that's not exactly a holiday? Spotted any cute gift ideas I can whip up last minute for friends?


  1. I am SO excited about Valentines Day! This will be Scott and I's fifth Valentine's Day together, and we always have such a fun day together. This year we are going to how Valentines Day breakfast (since we have class most of the day), then we are going to see Ben Kweller that evening! We are both SO excited!

    I hope you and your guy have a wonderful Vday!

    PS I realllly want to make cute Valentines! Hope there is still time!

  2. Wow, you guys have been together for such a long time. That must be so sweet. :) Sounds like you know how to celebrate too! I'll be sure to share what Harbor and I end up doing...