Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The hunt for the perfect bridesmaid dress continues.

I wanted to let you all in on my search for the perfect bridesmaid's dress for my friend Lindsey's wedding. She is one of my dearest friends in the world. She has so much Godly wisdom, loves others well, is gentle, compassionate, and patient, and is hands down one of the most talented artists I've ever known in my entire life. (She even designed my tattoo for me!) 

(LV and me, circa 2009)

This was the last time I was in wedding, and the bride's name was Lindsay as well. I'm on the far left. Our dresses were $20 from the Liberty of London summer line at Target, and the shoes were only $40. We made our own hairpieces and bouquets, I spent well under $100 for this wedding, so I think that should be my goal for this upcoming wedding as well. 

So far, I've purchased four dresses, and I hope they arrive today or tomorrow so I can start narrowing down, and getting my money back for my returned dresses. Yesterday I spent a pretty significant amount of time scoping out the new, highly-anticipatd BHLDN website. And I almost screamed when I saw this dress:

 (Dress found here)

Because I knew that I had this dress coming to my house from ModCloth. I couldn't believe how similar the two were, and all the gorgeous photos gave me so much inspiration on how to style the rest of my bridesmaid look.

(Dress found here)

I'm daydreaming about fun gold shoes with handmade gem clips, a nice new (recycled) gold clutch, and my hair in a wispy updo after I get a newly dyed shade of red at the end of the month. It wouldn't be very hard to craft these accessories, either. Little creativity and patience and they'd be adorable with that dress.

 (Hairpiece found here)

(Clips found here)

(Clutch found here

I can't wait until the dress arrives. Here's to hoping it fits me well and flatters my body type. If so, it looks like I've got some great crafting ahead of me. Getting excited!

Have you gotten the chance to check out BHLDN yet?


  1. Wow! That dress is beautiful. I can't wait to see which one you choose. Lindsey found one for me in a little shop in Tallahassee. I'm a little nervous because I haven't tried it on, but I'm it fits her so hopefully we'll be ok. Can't wait for the 5th!!!

  2. Can't wait to be a bridesmaid with you, sweet friend. <3