Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Caturday!

Having a really productive Saturday thus far, and it hasn't even felt like work! (The best kind.) I'm still on the hunt for a sweet bridesmaid dress, but I am so thankful for all of your suggestions, links, and happy notes. I've narrowed it down to a few, though one of my top choices just SOLD OUT OF MY SIZE! Grrr, I'm bad at shopping. haha

Anyway, I'm planning a relaxing dinner and evening for HB since he works a ton all the time. And while I was at Publix buying stuff for dinner I found those darn girlscouts at it again. So now I'm chomping on a Lemonade shortbread cookie with the toffee nut latte I grabbed from Starbucks. (Oh, and you'd better believe that box of Thin Mints went straight into the freezer.)

I'm off to edit a few photos from our event last night in Cocoa Beach. We had a ton of fun sending CJ Hobgood off on the 2011 ASP World Tour. He's currently sporting TWLOHA gear in lieu of a corporate sponsor. Pretty great guy, and fun to have an event so close to where we work. 

Back to enjoying my day. It's great to be on the computer with a cat on your lap. If you haven't ever tried it, I highly recommend it. 

What are you doing today? Anybody need to run out and buy Girl Scout Cookies now? (Sorry!)


  1. Good luck on the bridesmaid dress! My cousin picked mine out, and ordered the size before I could even see it. Her dress is next Saturday and I'm wearing a very pretty, teal dress! I can't wait!

  2. Your cat is super adorable. I have a "tuxedo" cat, too, but I he's much grumpier and refuses to lay on my lap. I think he might be part vampire, as well. Your cat is Matilda, right? (I've been creeping your Tumblr and reblogging the kitties. I swear I'm not a stalker, omg D: I just followed the cats back long enough until I found this blog >.<;;) She seems much less bitey, but I don't know! Beware the cute ones, right?
    "SOLD OUT OF MY SIZE"--that always makes me depressed. It's like the dress is all: "Hi, I'm the dress you want. But you can't have me, HAHA. Sucks for you." And then I'm like: "Nooooooooooo~ *cries*" Good luck, though!

    P.S. Do you know where a girl can score some Thin Mints around here? Seriously, I haven't seen a Girl Scout to hit up for cookies ANYWHERE.

  3. All the Girl Scouts must be in Rockledge! They were everywhere.