Monday, April 23, 2012

This time, last year.

Here we are again, strolling down (my) memory lane. Here's what was happening, this time last year!

I spent lots of time taking walks, runs and bike rides down by the river behind my house. Summer was just around the corner (or, at least it felt that way), we were saying goodbye to our spring interns, and everyone was getting ready for tons of beach times and special summertime celebrations. 

My old house in Rockledge!

Harbor and I took a roadtrip to St. Augustine for paletas and fun times with our friends.

My little brother graduated form Florida State, too! And now he's already completed his first year in his Audiology program at Northwestern. He's a very smart dude.

Harbor and I had a really fun time at a fair last year, too. Hmm, I wonder if we'll be able to go to a fair this year too... 

That's what I was up to at the end of April, one year ago. Until next time!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Engagement photos (part 1)

Part one of our engagement photos took place in one of my best friends' apartment complexes. She had asked me to snap a few special one-year anniversary photos of her and her sweet husband early one morning, and I feel in love with the light coming through the trees and vines during the shoot, and how gorgeous the shots came out. Lindsey is going to be one of my beautiful bridesmaids (one of seven actually!) and shortly after Harbor and I got engaged she offered to give us a free engagement photoshoot! I was so delighted. As she and I were brainstorming locations for the few days we'd set aside for photos, her apartment complex immediately came to mind. 

So, one afternoon before Harbor and I headed over to Jacksonville for the weekend for a wedding, we got off work/out of school, freshened up, dressed up, and took some photos as the clouds were rolling in with a huge storm! 

It's just so unbelievable how pretty these photos came out given the circumstances, but that's the magic of Lindsey. (Check our her work here and here!) 


Well, that's all for now! I'll be sharing some more sweet photos soon.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Fisheye2 view just for you.

I found this draft the other day, and totally forgot that I wanted to share some of them with ya. 

Last month I picked up my lastest roll of film from the drug store. I can't remember how far back some of these photos go, so I'll just share them all out of order and without context. (Sound inconvenient?) I really have missed carrying around a camera, so now I'm itching to finish off the other roll I have waiting for me in my Minolta.

Don't get too dizzy looking at these photos all in a row. You've been warned!

Here's a great set of our future family! Harbor, Kaitlyn and little Matilda. The tiniest little family in all the land.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Coming soon: Engagement Photos!

Hey guys! The semester is wrapping up (yay!) and I'm getting married in less than six months (double yay!).

Want to see some of our engagement photos? I hope you do, because I have a few posts coming your way over the next week just so I can share them and brag on my handsome fiancé and share some of our wedding details. Wedding planning has been going really smoothly, and that is 50% thanks to our amazing friends who continue to bless us, and 50% due to my recently self-diagnosed WDSP syndrome (wedding-dreamer-student-procrastination syndrome). I'm also thinking about putting together a wedding planning post or two. We'll see what I can accomplish over the weekend. I'm probably getting a little too overzealous in the blog post department, considering my recent track record. I just miss posting, is all!

Oh, and also coming over the weekend... a little post about home brewed iced coffee recipes just in time for summer.

You drooling yet?