Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our first date, one year later.

Well, people. Wintertime is leaving Central Florida, and it's gotten up to 80-something degrees the past two days. I think that I had a miniature panic attack when I realized that soon I'll be sweating every single morning when I wake up. With the heat comes wavy hair every single day thanks to a little monster called "humidity." Every time I need to travel out west for a work trip, I notice such a difference in my hair and skin. I'm more dry and wayyy less frizzy. But, anyway, enough about such nonsense.

(By the way, I'm wearing the necklace that I bought for the wedding I'm in the weekend after next. It's actually pretty heavy and really sparkley.)

Tonight is really special. Harbor and I went on our first date ever exactly one year ago. I can still remember the outfits we were wearing, and how the rain started pouring two minutes before he arrived. But, he showed up to my door like a true gent, soaking wet and ready for our date. We joked and said that we should get ready for tonight and then have one of my housemates hose us down so we could recreate the date exactly. (I think we'll pass though.) We're planning on doing the same things we did one year ago: swinging by Thai Thai for sushi and sitting at the same table we sat at, then driving through Starbucks for coffee and mint tea, and taking our drinks to the beach and walking along the shore in the moonlight. Sounds sort of cliché, but it's still cute. We spent tons of time getting to know each other and having some of the greatest conversations while walking up and down the shore during the early days of our relationship. :)

What are some of your first date stories? Does anyone else commemorate special dating moments by recreating them later?


  1. Aw, already a year! It's a wonderful thing to celebrate. You guys are too cute. I hope your date was wonderful! Do I get to meet him in a week & 1/2??

  2. Congrats on your first date anniversary! Your first date sounds SO sweet! Oh my! Scott and I's first date was to his high school's improve show (he was a senior and I was a freshman in college). We also got coffee at a nearby coffee shop that he worked at occasionally. I was so nervous, but it was so sweet!