Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Iced coffee, messy hair and naked nails.

This is a draft I've had sitting in my queue since summertime. I guess the title does feel more like a warm weather post than fall one, but it definitely rings true this week. I've been busy, busy! As my school schedule shifts ever-closer to midterms, I've found that I'm doing school-related things most hours of the day. It's really fun, but I've been challenged to find new ways to have fun and take care of myself.

For instance, I recently tried this iced coffee recipe and loved it, so last night I sent an email out sharing it with lots of my friends. Today, I was inundated with reply email updates, photo texts, and Instagram tags of sweet friends who tried it out themselves. I jokingly said to my friend Nichole that it sort of felt like one, big, girly coffee date. So fun.

But, I've found some really sweet ways to slow down and connect with friends lately too. I spent two days in Destin with Harbor's family over the weekend. Played around on the jet ski, (broke the jet ski...), jumped from the second story balcony into the harbor with Harbor (hehe). I've had dinner dates with my sister, and played with my kitty a lot. I've even found time to listen to new bands! Maybe I'm just getting better at time management and integrating my school work into my daily life. Let's hope so.

Now I think I'll finish catching up on blogs for the next 15 minutes while I sip up my tomato soup and peanut butter sandwich.

Then, of course, it's back to the books.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

An Eisley date.

I got to see one of my favorite bands this Wednesday evening! I've been a fan of Eisley since... gosh, well, I guess since 2005. I would sing "Marvelous Things" and "Trollywood" in the car by myself, or belt out harmonies with my friend Jess on long road trips when I lived in North Carolina. When I was in Austin for SXSW this year, I got to see bits and pieces of their set at the showcase I was working, but in the end, I was sort of bummed that I didn't get to really take it in. The last time I was able to see them live was at Cornerstone a year and a half ago. It was really sweet, actually. Harbor and I were still sort of newly dating, and we both ended up at Cornerstone - his band played a handful of times that week, and I was there with work. Anyway, Eisley played a really late show in the Acoustic Tent one evening, and he and I got to go and relax after a very long, hard day, and just hold hands and sip lattes made in a little "mobile coffee shop" that was set-up in the back. It was really a magical moment, so I was excited to get to see them with him again. 

As an FSU student, most of our shows and campus activities are completely free! So Harbor drove over from Destin to attend the show with me. (What a good dude.) We stayed out pretty late, enjoying the music together, and then splitting a sandwich at 1 o'clock in the morning. I paid for it the next morning in my CBT class, but it was worth it to stay up super late reading my schoolwork to have been able to go to the show. 

Yes. I am that much of a Red Velvet / A Beautiful Mess blog nerd that as soon as Stacy stepped on stage I turned to Harbor and was like, "Ohhh, yay! She's wearing one of the new dresses from the spring line. It's so pretty!" haha. In fact, all three of those girls looks fabulous in their very own, unique way. 

Tomorrow I'm going to Destin for a "study getaway" at Harbor's parents' house. I'm going to ride the jet ski in the Gulf whenever I start to get too antsy from my reading. Or lay out in the sun. I am also especially excited to be able to taste the iced coffee I whipped together this afternoon. Please go and read Vanessa's blog post this instant if you're into yummy homemade coffee drinks like I am. It's so easy, and smells delicious. I hope it's even better than the cinnamon iced coffee I've been making. Mmm. 

Goodnight! Hope you guys have a fun weekend. 


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More photos from my weekend.


What a killer weekend up in NC. I had a total blast! It was so fun, in fact, that I don't have time to really share about our trip because I'm still playing catch up with some of my classwork. But in lieu of stories, I'll share some photos of funny volunteer friends, super tiny bike racing, and a penny farthing. Yes... you read that correctly. We rode an old-timey bike!

Our job was to hand out beer tokens to the race participants. We were very popular, as you might imagine.

I wasn't very good at this part.

But Harbor was. He got some mad ups on that teensie bike.

(I have a super handsome boyfriend.)

Funniest photo ever, maybe?

And, Harbor's dad. Like Father, like son. 

What fun memories I get to keep thinking back on. Ahh. And now, back to the books. :) 


Saturday, September 17, 2011

A weekend in Charlotte, NC.

Hello from Charlotte! Like I mentioned in my last post, I've travelled up north with Harbor and his dad Eric to spend the weekend. They're here to bike the Urban Assault Ride tomorrow morning, and they're pretty pumped to be here. I'm just thankful they're letting me crash their father-son time. I love spending time with them. :)

We left super early yesterday morning (they left Destin at 4am to come get me from Tallahassee! yikes!) and took turns driving up to North Carolina. I used to live pretty close to Charlotte, so it's been neat to feel the chill in the air and remember what NC feels like this time of year.

We had a ton of fun driving up. Listened to cheesy 70s radio tunes, played Mad Libs, told jokes, and quoted some of our favorite movies and TV shows. And when we were in South Carolina, we made sure to eat at a BBQ joint so we could drink sweet tea and sample their sauce. I'm pretty sure I ate the most southern-style macaroni and cheese I've ever had. 

As soon as we got to our hotel (10 hours later) we changed super fast and geared up to take our first ride around the city. I've never ridden through a city before, let alone through a downtown area, so I was extra cautious and had the guys looking out for me. I'm feeling sore today, since I haven't ridden my bikes in months, but I felt pretty brave having finally ridden in traffic. (Don't worry mom, I'm alive! haha) 

We met up with some other riders at a local bike shop to hang out before we went to a party in the park to sample some New Belgium beers and enjoy short independent films. The photo above is a hilarious bike keg that the company has for the race. It's so funny. But don't worry, they're extra super safe and encourage sober riding. The real party doesn't happen until after the race is over tomorrow night. I signed up to volunteer at the event tomorrow, so I'll get to enjoy all the perks and also help the event run smoothly. In fact, the event coordinator and I chatted for a while last night about life, and we have way too many common interests and career experience. The world is small, and I love making new friends! Looking forward to spending tomorrow with her while the boys ride to win. 

Well, I'm off to finish up some of my school work before I head over to a bar and meet the guys for the FSU/Oklahoma game. Crossing my fingers we win this one. It'd be pretty exciting. 

I'll be sure to post photos after the ride in my next post. How are you spending the weekend?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bills, bills, bills.


My early class was cancelled today, so this morning I ventured out to my apartment complex workout area and finally hit the treadmill. I'm not really big into working out, but I've done so well losing weight this summer with my new eating patterns, that I have a new surge of energy to be active lately. It's so awesome. Honestly, I prefer things like kayaking, dancing, and riding my bike with Harbor to jogging on a machine, but sometimes you've just gotta sweat it out.

I'm off to pay all my bills and finish sorting out my silly student loan issues. (I even got locked out of my bank account this week. Fun! Just kidding.) Then I'm going to sit and read ahead for a few of my classes next week because I'm still debating taking a trip with Harbor and his dad this weekend... If I'm super productive today, my reward is to let myself go. Cheer me on!


Monday, September 12, 2011

My Red Velvet dress arrived today.

Yes, yes, yes. After many months of waiting, and a sad missed opportunity of last season's collection... I finally have my very own Red Velvet dress! I'm so happy, I can't even handle it! So excited, in fact, that this entire post is dedicated to the unwrapping and trying on of my dress.


And, I don't have a full-length mirror. So whenever I really want to see myself before I walk out of my apartment, I set up my MacBook on the top of a box (yes, I'm not unpacked yet...) and make a little Photobooth video so I can see how I look. There was no way I was going to post that video online, so instead, I did the second most nerdy thing possible, and took screenshots of me in my new dress. Haha, I'm so weird. This is why I'm not a fashion blogger.

Isn't it cute?! I can't wait to style it with colorful tights and little oxfords and such this fall. Take a look at how Rachel styled this sweet little dress. I fell in love as soon as I read that post. 

I have lots left to do before bedtime tonight. Painting my nails is a top priority, right after I finish reading about substance dependency, and the like. Good this this week's homework is the area I know the most about. I can gloss right over it.