Thursday, February 10, 2011

I need a dress!

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I'm in need of a huge favor. I am in a wedding March 5th, and I still haven't found my dress! The beautiful bride is one of the most creative people I know in my life, and she's creating a gorgeous, vintage-vibe spring wedding held in her backyard near the woods.

She has requested that we find short dresses with a classic style, and have a sort of magical, dreamy feel. Think lace, florals, and well-made vintage dresses.

I am in a time crunch and am willing to spend a bit more than I would have originally liked. Anyone know of good dress shops, Etsy shops, where I can snag a to-die-for dress under $100 that I can be beautiful in come March? (I typically wear a size 6.)

All shop suggestions, links, and altering ideas are welcomed... shopping for these types of things is not my forte. Unfortunately, I have the eye and appreciation, but not the skillz.



  1. What color, guuuurl? I'm all over the internet since my wedding is a'comin. I'll do some seachin'!

  2. So awesome. I'm in need of a pale color, if it's floral. But typically I think darker colors help my fair skin. I'd love something really dainty and lacy though. Obvs steering clear of creams and white. ;)

    I look best in blue, purple, and grey.


    yep, just jcrew right now. never fails me.


  5. That's super pretty. Really flowy.

  6. Just found your super cute blog! Hmmm...I'll have to investigate around the internet for a dress. ModCloth and Lulus are always two good places to hunt for an inexpensive/unique dress. I'll let you know if I find something:-) Happy Friday! xoxo

  7. Welcome! Thanks for joining the hunt with me... Hope your weekend is sweet.

  8. Have you checked the local Brevard humane society thrift shops? I found a dress there that was to die for--$5! I figure with a little tailoring it'll be perfect for "special occasions". $5 + tailoring cost = maybe the price of buying low-range party dress, depending on where you go, but it's totally worth a shot to look. They have some pretty cool stuff there, either way. (Cat pins! Cats! On pins!)
    If you're looking for new, which you probably are since you aren't cheap like me, this seller has some really lovely (probably my personal favorite of all the following) things at affordable prices:
    Poking around a bit, I managed to locate this seller, who also has some pretty things:
    They might be a bit too long for your purpose, though. I think the spaghetti straps would be paired really nicely with a small shrug and look gorgeous. But whatever you like! :)
    This dress, as well, fits in nicely in your price range (if you're a fan of pink):

    As someone mentioned above, as well, ModCloth is a totally rad site. I always browser-window-shop there, haha!

    Best of luck locating your elusive dress and best wishes for your friend!