Monday, February 28, 2011

Haitian faces and little American hands.

Today was busy/stressful/fill-in-the-blank. But, since negative blogging is a bummer and doesn't help anyone (the reader or the writer), I will leave it at that and move on by talking about the moments that made life so wonderful today:

- little Matilda snuggling on my lap, even after I took her to the vet for four shots
- my brother getting into Northwestern's AuD program this coming fall (seriously impressive)
- Harbor deciding that we needed grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner
- my little sister's gentle, loving heart
- running a mile and a half when I didn't feel like I could even walk two blocks
- sweet goodnight kisses
- 100 little instax photos arriving in the mail today just in time for LV's wedding this weekend
- very kind and unexpected text messages from good friends
- brand new soap and shampoo that smells like flowers
- thank you notes from the Gemini Elementary School kids for sharing about Haiti last month
- remembering my time in Haiti last November

God, may we always remember the bigger picture, and find ways to love those around us, and ourselves.

I hope you can take a moment to recall the special, fleeting moments that made your day wonderful too. Feel free to share some in the comments section. 

And now, it's off to bed (as soon as I get my new Sleeping At Last "March" ep in their YEARBOOK series). 



  1. Sorry you had a stressful day! It's ok to complain sometimes<3

    Oh, and grilled cheese and tomato soup sounds so good right now!
    And, 100 instax?! You lucky lady!

    Hope tomorrow is a better day for you<3

  2. Beautiful little things in life:-) And big things too! I've had several friends/family members travel to Haiti. Oh my heart! What precious memories for you to hold.

    P.S. Love Sleeping at Last! We had two of their songs played in our wedding:-) xoxo

  3. Thanks for the sweet comments, ladies.