Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sweet Saturday.

Hey guys, happy Saturday. Our house is quiet except for the dishwasher running in the kitchen, the sun is warm and inviting outside, and it just feels like it's going to be a good day. This weekend I've got a lot of boring things to take care of, like cleaning, running, and applying to grad school while I sit outside on the patio at Starbucks. So after I finish my cereal it's off to the river to run! I'm going to try for two straight miles without stopping. 

And goodness, speaking of running, my friend Holly ran her first 5k today, and she shaved off five whole minutes from her estimated time. Her roommate Nichole was texting me after the race, and she said that Holly was so happy that she was crying and that it was one of the best experiences ever. Holly is such an inspiration to me. She began running this year in order to lose 99 pounds, and her journey toward "health and happiness" has been the coolest thing to get to experience along the way. She's one of the most positive people I know in my life, but to see her tackle the goals she's setting for herself is really something so special. I can already tell how all her running and healthy life choices are giving her the confidence to keep her head held high, run when she doesn't want to, and admit when she needs encouragement from others. I think that's the sign of someone with true inner strength, and I think we're all capable of it but we often refuse to admit when we need other people in our lives. 

It's a scary thing to let others into the spaces in ourselves where uncertainty and doubt dwell, but Holly is a shining example of someone who's doing it well. I am so proud of her. So, now that I've gotten all pumped up by Holly's story once more, it's off to run two miles with a positive attitude and a healthy goal in mind. And then maybe enjoy an iced latte with my grad school application. 

Thanks for reading.


  1. You applied to grad school? That's awesome! Congratulations! So proud of you girl! What are you wanting to get your degree in?

  2. I'm going back to school to get my MSW. I have my Bachelors Degree in social work as well, so it's just one more year to get my masters, then two years after that to get licensed. I'm really excited to be in a school setting again.