Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A very productive day.

What a busy day it's been! I had to commute to Orlando for meetings all morning, then rushed back to the office for intern training. But, not before stopping by Lollicup for a yummy taro milk boba tea! I love living in Brevard County, but when I've got an icy, boba-licious treat in hand, it's hard to remember I once lived only 10 minutes away, instead of one hour away.

Sweet, sweet bubble tea. You are a refreshing treat any day of the year.

Oh, and this one time Harbor and I were celebs in Lollicup.

My time in the office this afternoon was great. I really love every new group of interns we get. It's a really exciting time -- to begin to learn little habits, idiosyncrasies and character traits that makes them who they are. I also love getting to know why they support TWLOHA and how they decided to spend a few months with us in Cocoa. If you've ever been curious about interning with To Write Love on Her Arms, I highly recommend you check it out. I never was lucky enough to go through our Intern Program, but it sure seems like a blast. :)

I've got a little craft DIY coming up soon. My very first, I might add. So stay tuned.

Annnd now, off to watch Mad Men with Harbor! (Is anyone else in love with this show like we are?)


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