Friday, January 28, 2011

Looks like it's time to make a clock! lolz

Get it? Time... to make a... clock?

I hope the title of this post made you laugh or roll your eyes, or both. I got back from a work trip to Austin, and I'm taking the rest of the afternoon and evening to catch up on sleep and unwind. As soon as I looked in the Project ReStyle Flickr group, I almost screamed out loud... I found this clock and I couldn't even wait another minute to share.

Seems simple enough to make. Find a yucky old clock from a thrift or secondhand store, remove the inner-workings, and mount the pieces to a new face. Learn how Brittany made her clock.



I seriously love the clock mixed in with all her other cute items on the wall. I have a wall of pretty things too, and a brand new handmade clock would be a perfect addition. Her clock reminds me of my trip to Chicago last month. I fell in love with the wall of clocks in Renegade Handmade.  

If you're really crafty/handy/imaginative, then Project ReStyle is something you'd love too. I really want to participate, but I find myself over-thinking everything I want to try, then getting way too inspired when I look at what other talented ladies are making, and want to try and make projects like theirs. I think the goal I need to set for myself is to just find something I already own and don't like anymore, and dream about what it can become. Which I suppose is the entire point of this project, isn't it? :)

Any suggestions for a project I should tackle first?



  1. Thanks for the blog love, it made my day!


  2. You're so welcome. Thanks for making such a cute clock!

  3. hey that's me in the picture on that wall!

    Brittany you're always so damn impressive, stop it.