Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 12.

One year ago Haiti was shaken by a massive quake, and I watched in awe as the world cared deeply, and then many of us took action to help aid in the overwhelming need the country faced after such a tremendous crisis. And then we all sort of moved on, as is the typical trend of global compassion and service.

But, don't worry. This isn't a downer post. Or political. Or preachy.

Haiti had been a dream of mine to visit since I was 16. So when I was able to visit eight years later, it was sort of surreal. The planning and tension that preceded my trip was a difficult season unlike any I had faced in awhile. I struggled internally in so many ways, but I felt as if I really arrived in Haiti fully prepared to serve in any capacity asked of me. And my time there was the most peace-filled I've "felt" in my body in literally years.

I went to Haiti this past November, returning the afternoon before Thanksgiving. I went to bed with a belly of rice and beans, and I ate a full-out turkey dinner the following day. It was an experience I'm still sorting, but I know that I am thankful to have been. I am already waiting for the gentle whisper to return again. The sentiments from my particular trip echo those of my friend and teammate, James. Definitely go and read the post if you have 3 minutes to spare (and, if you're surfing blogs, you do).

My best friend, Emmanuel. We told secrets all afternoon and petted a stray Haitian cat.

Seriously. Can't get enough.

St. Marc, Haiti

I hope you had a chance to pause and think of Haiti today. If you didn't, why not now?

Bon nuit.


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