Sunday, January 16, 2011

Granny square blanket update.

If you were wondering (and, let's be honest, I know you were), my granny squares are coming right along!

I took a photo to document my progress this evening, and my squares covered our entire ottoman! I could sew three more and have a very small lap blanket just to make my "Finish by February" goal easier on myself, but I'm going to make 23 more and have a nice, snuggly blanket instead. Here's to the process!

Anyone else wrapping up little crafting projects already in the new year?



  1. It looks great! I love the color story you have and how different they all are. It makes your pattern really interesting!

  2. I have to start making one of these! I'm inspired. But by the time I make it my living room won't be quite as cold.. maybe I can try to have one done by next winter!

  3. Thanks, Rachel. I'm really pleased with how it's coming along.

    Don't worry about setting an "end time" when you begin. Just enjoy the learning process... then enjoy croheting in your spare time. I love doing it on airplanes, on roadtrips, and in the evenings. Definitely go for it, Mel Wren!