Sunday, January 9, 2011

Citrus on Sunday.

This afternoon my boyfriend and I went on a photo adventure, as we've both decided that we want to be taking more photos in the new year. We knew we would keep this "resolution" if we planned monthly "photo adventures" all around Brevard County. I happen to love this sleepy little coastal town I live in. And though it's pretty small, there are still so many spots I haven't seen and experienced yet.

I moved to Rockledge, FL roughly a year and a half ago to work on a research project. I was implementing some creative writing strategies with the TWLOHA summer interns, and while I was living and working here, I fell in love with this little community. Lucky for me, I was hired by TWLOHA the following fall and was able to return to Brevard with all my belongings in tow.

Today, Harbor and I decided to find an orange grove and snap some shots. Figured it would be a great start to our year-long journey -- sort of a quintessential Florida photo-shoot, right? Turns out, the grove we hunted down (Thanks, Google!) was located right behind a house he and I ride by all the time on our bikes, and we sometimes like to pretend it's "our house." So it wasn't the first time we trespassed on this particular property today. :)

Here are some of my favorite photos from the day:

Oranges on film. How great is the focus and DOF on this? Harbor's a natural.

My new red hair.

Love those gold flats.

After our grove exploration, we picked a ton of oranges, limes and grapefruits from our neighbors' trees. With permission, of course. Tomorrow I plan on posting a delicious (and wayyy simple) lime-aid recipe we concocted this evening. And, spoiler alert, it's 10x better when you throw a shot of vodka in it.

I hope you're enjoying new goals for 2011 too. Any of them involve taking more photos?


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