Monday, January 17, 2011

So, I made shortbread.

What a great day off! After an unexpected drive-your-boyfriend-to-work morning, I came home and made a little list of what I would like to accomplish for the day. At the top: BAKE SHORTBREAD! And not just any shortbread, but dark chocolate almond shortbread at that.

I drew inspiration from an almond joy post I stumbled upon yesterday, and then searched around in Honey & Jam's blog for the perfect recipe for shortbread cookies. My friends Holly and Nichole crafted alongside me as I worked on granny squares and waited for my goodies to bake. Here are some photos from their kitchen. If you'd like the recipe, head over to Honey & Jam and take a peek! The only addition was the dark chocolate drizzle and the dark chocolate roasted almonds I added on top. (Feel free to comment with any questions regarding my recipe additions.)

These didn't last long around my house.

In addition to my shortbread baking, my housemates and I baked pizzas together for our weekly House Dinner, and then I just cuddled with Matilda after I painted my nails all crazy. (Another check off the to-do list from my morning). Now it's time for an evening movie date before bed.

Here's to a sweet rest of the week.

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