Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kurt & Michaela.

At long last, the full wedding post has arrived. As hard as it is to believe, it was just one week ago that my sweet little Michaela got married! It almost feels like it's been longer than that, but I think that's a good sign. Since her wedding, I've enjoyed catching glimpses of their honeymoon road trip up the east coast through Facebook and Twitter. They've already stopped in Savannah, DC, Philadelphia and New York City, and are headed to Boston for a bit. If you ask me that's a pretty ideal honeymooning circumstance – a road trip plus hours upon hours to chat with the love of your life?! So great. 

Here's a look at their wedding day! The ceremony and reception was held on a plantation in Tallahassee, FL called The Goodwood Museum and Gardens. Simply gorgeous. You'll see glimpses of the houses and greenery in some of the photos later in this post. 

Michaela and Kurt themed their entire wedding like the movie Up. My friend Alicia (Michaela's oldest sister) did a post that details their entire theme. The engagement photos, the wedding details... everything was a perfect blend of charming, adventurous and nostalgic. Pretty genius idea if you ask me. Michaela let me create pinwheels out of maps to be added to their centerpieces. I created 6"squares cut from old Florida, Illinois and California maps (the states they're from and the state they both lived in prior to getting married) and attached them to dowel rods I had cut at my local hardware store. Super cheap and a really fun project. 

I wasn't in the bridal party, but I sure felt like I was! I got to hang out with the girls all morning while they got ready and I spent most of the evening before the wedding at their family's house in Havana, helping with manicures and last-minute decoration planning. Mostly, I was just there to enjoy my sweet friend's big day, and I felt honored to be the official bridesmaids' helper. 

We listened to records Lindsey's husband Jared picked out especially for us. It was the perfect touch to the morning. Everyone finished getting ready extra early (unheard of, right?) so it was nice to sit around and listen to records and be excited together before photos. 

One of my duties included scalding the skin off my hands while we rolled little Ashley's hair into hot rollers. Man, I hadn't used those things since cheerleading and dance, and my fingers were way out of practice. But we managed. 

The ceremony was very moving. Everyone was so emotional... I'm not sure any of the girls made it through without crying. Also, I really love good wedding sermons, and this one challenged me so much that I'm honestly still contemplating the concept of sacrificial love to this day. Pastor Loni's message challenged me in some new ways, and provided some insight into a scenario I was working through already. 

During the reception there was a live band that played big band, jazz and swing. So cute! I enjoyed watching all the happy couples dance the afternoon away. And let me tell you, there were so many good dancers out there. Michaela and Kurt had all these dance moves I didn't know about, and I loved watching them together.

Kurt's sister-in-law made the cake! It was vanilla cake with a layer of lemon glaze, and a layer of fruit spread (I think blackberry?) and the entire cake was covered with a french vanilla icing, but it tasted like honey. It was incredible... and it was her first wedding cake! She said she just looked up a tutorial. haha, so impressive.

Kurt making a crazy/weird face when he spotted me with the camera.

And of course, no whimsical, adventurous wedding would be complete without bubbles, balloons floating off into the sunset, and a convertible getaway.

The cutest wedding, ever. If you didn't catch my two preview wedding posts, you can check out other photos here and here



  1. My goodness, what a beautiful wedding! I'm so happy to hear you had a lovely time and were able to be so involved! Looks like a perfect day!

  2. what a gorgeous and fabulous post!

  3. Gorgeous wedding!!! :D
    I love the bridesmaids dresses!

  4. Hehe, catching up on your blog since the honeymoon...spotted this one...makes me smile so big. Love you! Thank you so much for everything. I am so glad you're such a part of the big day.