Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A list for today.

Today I:

- Had a dinner date with my new friend Emmi. We cooked rice and beans and made up some huevos rancheros to plop on top. Fresh spinach and warm tortillas made the meal complete, and I was super stuffed. 

- Received the cutest little golden bicycle necklace in the mail from Mary Anne! I'll take a picture wearing it tomorrow to post. It's really adorable. And, speaking of adorable, I'm a huge fan of her blog. She's a former intern of ours, and a really wonderful girl who's "dabbling in fashion blogging," as she puts it. I think she's doing a really good job, and I love her cute outfits and great attitude. Go check her out.

- Got a postcard from mom & dad! My dad underwent brain surgery last month, so getting a little present from their hospital in the mail made me smile because he's doing so well already! Mom says he's practially back to normal. I tucked my little postcard into my mirror so I can continue to pray for him as he recovers and thank God for how amazing our bodies are at getting better sometimes. :)

- Put in my two weeks at work. It was scary, but it's official. I'm moving on and heading back to school to continue to pursue my educational and professional goals. Back to the books.

So, now I'm:

- Painting my nails. Having mint candy apple withdrawals, so I figure it's time to remind my nails how happy they are when they're long and healthy. Plus, I think the last time I wore this color I was in Haiti. It'll be nice to remember all my sweet Haitian friends whenever the color catches my eye. 

- Catching up on So You Think You Can Dance. I love this show. I miss dancing. 

- Art journaling and dreaming about some of the "next step" decisions I need to make. Had some seriously amazing conversations with one of the schools I'm considering earlier this week, and it's looking really positive. I'll keep you posted when I make my decision. 

- Listening to my roommates' sweet packing playlist. Vampire Weekend, Flaming Lips, The National, and other gems coming from my living room. Soon Allie and Skyler will be moving to Tampa, so I'm trying to enjoy my favorite things about them while they're still here with me. 

What'd you do today? 


p.s. I wanted to share this with you! A photo from my reunion in North Carolina of some dear friends who participated in the discipleship program alongside me four years ago. Now, there are new additions with new spouses, new babies, and new places in life, but there's still so much love. <3


  1. Oh man, this post made me smile. I am SO happy to hear so many good things are going on for you. I am so glad that your dad is doing so well, and that you're feeling really positive about school.

    I hope this amazing week continues for you pretty lady! You deserve it

    Also, that mix tape sounds amazing! Some of my favorites on there!

  2. "mint candy apple withdraws" don't we all have those? ; )