Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jared & Lindsey.

What a wonderful weekend, full of dear friendship, lifetime commitment, family, and so much love. No need to say much about this adventure. I just wanted to share some of the happy memories I have with you.

Have a happy Monday,


  1. What a beautiful, and unique wedding! Congratulations to the happy couple! Her dressing is STUNNING, and you look so beautiful as well! I'm really digging the red hair (wish I could go red).

    Hope you had an extra special weekend!

  2. Goodness, I know. Isn't she just so lovely? :)

    Thanks for the comments. We really did have a blast. I'm loving this red hair time time around... it's been fun. But, if you went red you wouldn't be the nordic beauty you are. I wish my hair could still hold platinum blonde... like I had when I was a baby. :)

  3. This looks like such a beautiful wedding. I adore the wedding dress (it is actually pretty much my dream wedding dress. Where did she get it!?) xoxo

  4. Harbor's "Selah" tattoo is one of my favorite tattoos I've ever seen.

  5. Me too, Sam! It's such a good one. It was one of my favorite parts about him in the very beginning... haha.

    And Jenny -- she bought it off a vendor on Etsy. She's just got crazy good luck finding stuff like that, but when she's back from the honeymoon I'll be sure to ask her. ;)

  6. that looks like such a lovely weekend! :)