Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day, dad.

I think that photo really captures my great dad. There's something so fun and earnest about him, and I really like how excited he gets watching his kids do what they love. This is a photo from my little sister's high school graduation over a year ago, and you can tell he's so proud to be sitting in that auditorium cheering her on. 

My dad has always encouraged us to try hard at everything we do, and is really patient. After dating some not-so-great guys throughout high school, I remember sitting myself down and writing down a list of qualities I needed to be looking for in guys. Patience was way up on that list, and I know that I learned that from both of my parents, but especially my dad. He's persistent, honest, able to say that he's sorry and mean it. He works really hard to make sure we feel important and loved, and he prays for me every single day. I mean, he's only a few weeks out of surgery and he's already calling me to ask if he can drive down to Florida and help me move into my new apartment in a few weeks. And that's just the kind guy he is. Growing up, I may have not always respected him the way that I should have, but as I've grown older I began to understand the depth of his love for me. And it's really endless.

(I know you keep up with my blog, so I wanted to do a special post just for you! I love you.)

I hope you guys were able to celebrate your dads today too. And if you couldn't, because your dad isn't here anymore, or your dad maybe wasn't around like he should have been, I'm really sorry and I hope you felt loved today too. 


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