Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm going to see Taylor Swift tomorrow?

Tomorrow I'm going to see Taylor Swift, and I think that's funny and not like me. But when your mom gives you two free tickets to her show in Orlando, you just take 'em and think, "I mean, her stage performance has got to be pretty impressive, right?" Plus, my little sister Jaclyn has filled me in as far as which-song-is-"secretly"-written-about-which-failed-T-Swift-romance, so I'll be set. I'm going with my friend/boss/travel to Haiti buddy, Jessica, and we've decided to make a date of the evening. There's supposed to be this awesome burger joint in Orlando where you can build your burger however the heck you want to, and they have veggie burgers too! Mmm. 

What are you doing this weekend? Any Taylor Swift songs I should know every word to before I go? And, how many outfit changes do you think I can anticipate from this young, successful pop star? 


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  1. i am so serious when i say i am jealous. you should know ALL of her songs before the show.