Monday, June 27, 2011

Getting excited about moving.

Well, my roommates are slowly packing up their things tonight. It's been nice to sit and unwind after a long day of jury selection (but no jury duty) and preparing to wraps things at work this week. My last day with TWLOHA is this Thursday, and it's bittersweet. In so many ways, it's an end and a beginning of a long-standing chapter in my life. And it's sort of thrilling. (So thrilling, in fact, that I'm planning on getting a massage this Friday to reward myself!) :)

I officially accepted the offer from FSU today, so I'm moving up there in a couple weeks for grad school. I'm gearing up for a couple months of furniture shopping, washer & dryer shopping, bed shopping, etc. It's time to begin putting together a house of my own! Put some bigger purchases on credit cards, and settle down into styles I like and what makes my house feel like home. Moving on to grad school feels like a bit of an awakening, in many ways. Studying social work at the master's level has been a dream of mine for nearly five years now, and it's odd that I'm finally in a place to embark on this new educational journey. In addition, I feel so grounded and ready to dig into a curriculum that I love, largely due to my personal and professional experiences I've had these past two or three years.

On a complete side note (sort of), tonight I promised myself I would make these as soon as I establish my new crafting space in my apartment.

Really simple crafts that can be completed in under an hour. Taking the time to accomplish fun things will probably help me feel normal in a season of transition. 

What about you -- Do you have any crafty goals for yourself this month? Anyone else embarking on a new journey this summer? 

Goodnight, my friends. Tomorrow I get to go on a site visit in Lakeland... which means Jess and I will get to snag some Rita's frozen custard while we're there. Yesssssss. 


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