Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Three things I love this Tuesday.


This really fun how-to from Photojojo. I received their email newsletter yesterday and was awestruck by these images they created with a kaleidoscope. Now I'm really wanting to run by Goodwill today and see if I can't snag one so I can try to make these. They're so pretty!

Making crafts! I'm taking a day off today to work on grad school applications, but I'm definitely setting aside time for myself to make things.

Last night I began working on pretty postcards to send to my mini pen pals. (It's not too late to swap with me. Just leave me a comment with your name and email address and we'll send one another cute, handmade cards!) 


This super-creepy cat birthday video I sent to my friend Carra Sykes today. She's one of the most talented and beautiful girls I know, so feel free to hop on over to her Flickr photostream and drool over her images and say happy birthday to her too.

Hope you have a great day! 


  1. YAY for grad apps! Where are you applying to? I'm still waiting to hear if I got into my program of choice or not! ECK!

    Have a wonderful day girl!

  2. I'm applying all over the place. Well, I'm still inquiring, actually. I took a bit too long to get my butt in gear, to it looks like I may be applying to begin a spring term, rather than fall. Which is ok, because many of the new schools I'm looking into start in spring an summer terms.

    Mostly, these new schools are seminaries, because I'd love to get my Master of Arts in Theological Studies, in addition to my MSW.

    Which is your top school? Are you going to get your MA in Journalism, or study something more specified and topic-focused?