Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A quick trip to Athens, GA.

I've been quiet for the past few days because I've been a-travelin' all around the southeast on a little getaway with Harbor. A few months ago he was checking tour dates for The Pains of Being Pure at Heart when he saw that they were coming to Athens in April. I should mention that Harbor is a huge Pains fan and hadn't gotten to see them live yet. I should also mention that I had a few accumulated vacation days on hand that I needed to take. Thus, our eight-hour road trip was born.

On Sunday evening we spent time with his relatives in the Atlanta (first-time family meetings are one of my favorite parts about dating someone). We headed over to Athens yesterday morning to stay with another cousin, then spent the afternoon strolling leisurely through the cute downtown area, ate at a crazy-good veggie/vegan restaurant called The Grit, and spent a while in Wuxtry Records, the oldest record store in Georgia (or so the store owner states). I bought The National's "Boxer" on vinyl, and Harbor snagged a Cold Cave and Minor Threat record. It was a pleasant little shopping trip.

So, the show was awesome. The venue's lit by a hundred little twinkle lights and it wasn't too crowded, which I appreciate. (Sometimes I feel like a grandma and think I'm getting too old for shows when I complain about things like being too crowded, haha.) 

Lucky for us, Harbor's been freelancing for a NYC-based magazine called Zink so he also had the opportunity to interview Kip and Peggy from the band beforehand. I also got to take a few photos of them playing, but I'm not sure they'll end up using any in his article. We'll see! 

As an added bonus to the weekend, we got to spend our 11-month dateiversary at the show, enjoying live music together. Really fun.

Today we drove home, and now I'm back in Brevard unwinding a bit and thinking about packing for my NYC trip tomorrow. Linds and I are chillin' in our living room, pajama-clad, listening to records, hot cups of tea in hand. (Yes, it's as lovely as it sounds.)

How are you spending your Tuesday evening?


  1. Tuesday, woot. Sounds fun mam! I was working at Sticks & Stones and it was a crazy night and only two of us were there to serve... phew 6.5 hr shift was long, but I made it through :D. Hope NYC move rocks!


  2. Sounds like you had a great trip! I'm always on the hunt for new vegg/vegan restaurants! Glad to hear you found a good one along your travels. Oh, and I know exactly how you feel about shows. I totally dislike when they are hot and crowded! Oh geez haha

  3. I have never been to Athens, but it's so close to me that I need to just go one day! And I TOTALLY agree about shows being too crowded, that's the worst. I've just accepted that I am completely a grandma.

    Oh, and I just love your blog :)

  4. Thanks Carra! <3 I'm glad you're loving (and rockin' out at) your new job. New York is already so wonderful...

    I'm glad we're all in agreement about this crowded show nonsense. ;)

    Thanks for the sweet comment, Vanessa. I think the trip to Athens is totally worth it. I was very pleasantly surprised. :)

  5. Aw, yay! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! I love our similar weekends! :)