Friday, April 1, 2011

An April Fool's giveaway, which isn't a joke at all.

Happy April 1st, one and all. It's time for a giveaway, and there ain't no joke about it.

This is my very first giveaway EVER, so I'm pretty excited. To help you leave your winter blues behind and welcome in the spring season (and those April showers) I've decided to celebrate with a little treat for you. Kara Haupt of i just might explode has agreed to help me ring in spring by gifting one of my readers with the same class I recently purchased through her Etsy store.

Out of the blue! is a whimsical little online class, that gives you an excuse to drag out the paint set (or go and buy a set of watercolors from your nearest drug store ASAP), grab your stack of old fashion magazines and the scraps of paper you've been saving for no good reason, pour yourself a glass of iced tea and enjoy your afternoon documenting pieces of your story through creative prompts.

Here are a few sneak peeks of the class:

I'll be using a few of her prompts this weekend in preparation for a busy week of travel. I find that when I'm engaging my creative brain that the travels and busyness of life seem more in perspective. If I've learned anything from my social work courses and working in the mental health field for the past few years, it's that taking twenty minutes of your busy day to try something new or do something you absolutely love matters an awful lot. Especially when it's something super therapeutic like journaling, painting, drawing, etc.

So, have at it! To enter, you need to: 

1. Say hi and tell me your name.
2. Tell me the best April Fool's joke you've ever played (or been fooled by).
3. Follow my blog, and leave your email address! 

Simple, right? 

For additional submission, you may tweet or blog about this giveaway. (Since that seems to be the norm in most giveaways, right? haha, I'm such a newbie at this stuff.) Make sure you leave me links if you do so.  

If you'd rather purchase this class for yourself, or snag another of Kara's classes, it's super affordable and I really recommend it. All of my readers can use the coupon code "BLOGLOVIN" during checkout for a 20% discount on all Kara's cute PDF classes. So if you're itching to start the new month taking an online class, or just want to do something crafty and leave your winter blues behind, this lady's here to help you out. 

You have until Tuesday, April 5th at midnight EST to enter. The winner will be announced the next day when I'm all settled in my hotel in New York for the weekend. In the meantime, head over to Kara's fun blog and tell her how cute she is.

Good luck, everyone. 


  1. OK, I'm not a scrapbooker, or even very artistic, so I'm not entering to win. HOWEVER, my favorite April Fool's to date was when I took my son Will to his kindergarten class, and a five your old little red-headed boy ran up to me and yelled "YOU HAVE A SQUIRREL ON YOUR HEAD!!!" He didn't win on subtlty, but gets an 'A' for enthusiasm and effort.

  2. Sam! Because you're the only one who entered, you WON! haha. What's your email address?