Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A night at the St. Mary's Fair.

Tonight Harbor and I attended the 52nd Annual St. Mary's Fair. This fair is pretty small, and held on the property of a local Catholic church/school. I've been in Rockledge for three of these fairs and never been able to go. So, we decided to head on over and check it out.

This Rock n' Roll house was bumpin' Sean Kingston across the fairgrounds, so we decided to check it out first. The soundtrack, combined with tons of kewl singer/songwriters such as Avril Lavigne, Madonna, 50 cent and Gwen Stefani lured us right on in.

Then we went on a not-so-scary haunted house. The teenage girls screaming ahead of us had me hoping there were spooky carnies hiding inside, but it turned out to be the biggest waste of six tickets. Sort of a bummer because I love being scared.

Then we rode the swings, but they went up super high. Harbor wanted to get a good thrill in tonight, so we saved all of our tickets for this one.

Before the ride, we looked very calm and excited. 

And after the ride we were a little disheveled. Harbor said that my turned around scarf made me look like a French poet. haha. Then, it was time for prizes, kiddie games and fair treats. Woo!

What a fun night at a very subpar fair. 


  1. this might be my favorite post! this is hysterical! <3

  2. Jaclyn (uh... I mean, "Anonymous") I had no doubt you'd enjoy this particular outing. haha

  3. This is so great. The rubber ducky picture is my favorite.

  4. so cute!
    i love the fair.
    at the very least there's always good people watching.
    i love the rubber duckys!
    and your apple looks so good! MMMM!