Friday, April 22, 2011

A reward for hard work. Sort of.

Being out of school for so long has made sitting down and completing these personal statements and essay questions a true battle for my focus and time. However, I am remembering that incentives work really well, so today I told myself that if I finished half of the application I was working on that I could edit a handful of photos from the two rolls I picked up from the developer the other day. Yay!

Here's a peek at our trip to St. Augustine last weekend. You can also view them on my Flickr.

I'm just catching up with old friends over coffee tonight then watching Dazed and Confused at Brick & Mortar later on. Popcorn and a cult classic. Then it's just work and cleaning until the boys get back from recording and then it's time to celebrate Easter together! 

Anybody have stellar weekend plans prior to any Easter celebrations? 


  1. I love these photos. Film always offers something magical. And YAY for getting grad apps done! That reminds me, I certainly owe you an email ASAP!

    Tomorrow Scott and I plan on going to his mom's for a BBQ, and completing lots, and lots of homework. It's crunch time now!

  2. Oh, I am far from done... but I'm closer! :) I'm looking forward to your email, but take your time. You just focus on graduating right now.

    Have fun with Scott's mom today. Relax and get some hard work done.

  3. Love the pics of my 2nd favorite city, K! thanks for sharing <3