Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Feaster!

(All the little instas courtesy of Harbor's iPhone.)

I hope your Easter weekend was lovely, full of rest, and a reminder of newness. We spent the morning celebrating with our church body (which consists of primarily senior citizens and a handful of younger families). I love it there. One of my favorite things about the Easter service at Glory of God is the "flowering of the cross" that takes place in-between services. Members from our church bring bouquets of flowers to decorate a white wire cross to signify newness, growth, and renewal through Christ's sacrificial death and resurrection. It's just so gorgeous and I love the connection to creation with this tradition. So beautiful. 

After church we continued the day's festivities with the 3rd annual Easter Feaster! (A brunch of epic proportions.) It was a blast. Here are some great photos that Allie snapped during the afternoon.

Baked french toast.

Goat cheese veggie pizza.

"Empty tomb rolls," aka mini monkey bread pieces that are hollow and sticky-sweet on the inside. ;)

An "Easter Feaster" is basically just a day in the park with friends hanging out together, eating tons of homemade treats, playing lawn games, with kids running around and adults taking naps on the grass. Both years we've celebrated the Feaster in Brevard County, we've had amazingly gorgeous, sunny days. Not too hot yet, and beautifully breezy. 

Some of our guy friends had a little ladder ball tourney. You take turns swinging golf balls across the way and try to latch them onto various PVC pipes, where each rung is scored differently. It may sound boring, but it's almost like a more fun version of horseshoes. It's pretty addicting. I played for a while when this game was over... which may have been the point when I got sunburned on my back. Boo. 

You don't always use all them at once... I think James was experimenting. 

What a wonderful day! What did you do on Easter? 

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