Sunday, July 3, 2011

Garage sale.

I've spent all afternoon and evening packing up my things for my move up to Tallahassee this week. My good friend Emmi came over and crocheted on my bed while I played Beach House in vinyl and handed her box after box of photos to flip through so I could talk about my special memories with her while I packed. It seems that when I pack alone without anyone to talk to and share with, it takes me three times as long because I have to do all of the memory-loving alone. So, thanks Em.

I won't be leaving town "officially" for about another month, but I decided to make an early trip up to move most of my belongings to a storage unit and apartment/house hunt. Wish me luck!

In the spirit of this busy packing week, it only seems fitting to finally post these garage sale photos. Two weekends ago two of my housemates and I compiled a ton of things we don't use anymore (and hated the idea of packing to carry with us to new cities in Florida), so we held a little garage sale. See also: yard sale, rummage sale, fire sale. Isn't it nuts that I had this many extra pairs of shoes in my possession?  

Old clutches, CDs and DVDs, books, jewelry, photos, cups, mugs, clothes, shoes, and furniture.

We got really lucky with gorgeous weather, too. Wasn't too hot, and there was a little breeze. I love all the Florida wildlife that creeps around outside of our house all the time. We liked watching those birds being bird-like on the light post. I'm really going to miss this place.

Yes, that's a kitty surprise under Allie's arm.

Yes, TJ wanted the "kitties!" so badly. However, he didn't get to take them home. Charlotte managed to purchase many of my old necklaces and a little owl clutch I've loved from my cousin or sister (I had two, so it was hard to tell!). Now, she likes to remind me which items "used to be Kaitlyn's" whenever she sees me. Maybe she thinks she's impressing me? haha

All in all, the sale was a (surprising) success. I made nearly fifty bucks selling stuff I had been letting pile up for months. I was able to take a good bit of my things to our church's donation area too, which was wonderful. Today I spent over $30 on packing supplies, so it looks like my little garage sale has nearly come full circle. 

Have you ever held a successful garage sale? Do you like checking out sales in your neighborhood on early weekend mornings, or would you rather stick to thrift shops? Anyone have amazing packing tips for me this week? 


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