Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My trip to Indiana!

Downtown Chicago, IL & Wakarusa, IN

We had quite the adventure over the weekend. For about three years now, my sister and my cousin Kelly have been planning a trip to Cedar Point to ride "the best coasters in the world" (or something like that, haha). So on Sunday morning we packed up the car and headed over to Indiana to get our cousins and hit the road. 

Lake Erie

We had a pretty adventurous drive from Indiana up to Sandusky, Ohio. Pit stops for snacks, iced coffee and tons of girly sing-alongs to get us there. We met up with our cousin Toby at the hotel, and the four of us laughed really hard until late into the night. It felt just like we were kids again, trying to fall asleep at our grandma's house in Indiana in a really hot room with the windows open and a fan on. 

Our hotel passes got us into the park an hour before everyone else, so we got prime spots in line before the masses arrived. Yes, there were still a ton of people there at 9 in the morning... and yes, it was sort of weird to be riding a roller coaster when I'm usually eating breakfast. We rode coasters that went from 0 to 120 mph in under four seconds, and some that had 80-degree angle plummets to the earth from heights  of over 300 feet in the air. Seriously have never felt more in danger in my entire life. It was crazy. 

We drove home (to my cousin's house) that night and Kelly and I soaked our feet while we watched Scrubs and Shark Week in the basement. That night I slept like a baby. I'm pretty sure those rides completely wiped me out. 

The next day I woke up to pick blueberries with my mom and my Aunt Peg. It was so peaceful standing in those trees, with only the bees buzzing and the breeze blowing around me. There was an Amish family a few rows over, so I got to listen to a grandmother and grand-daughter speaking in German as they filled their own buckets with the ripe berries. It was such a wonderfully calm morning after a whirlwind of a day riding coasters. 

We ate lunch at a local pizza spot downtown, packed up the car and drove back to Chicago. It was a really fun weekend, and I think I'm still recovering from the excitement. I took a few film photos over the weekend too, and as soon as I finish the roll, I'll be sure to share any good ones that show up. :) 

Do you like roller coasters? Which was your favorite/most scary you've ridden?


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