Sunday, August 14, 2011

Quick update from the new space, before bed.

I'm beginning to feel settled, amid this crazy-mess-of-an-apartment. I unpacked my entire kitchen today, only to discover that long, long ago I made a really silly mistake and donated my nearly my entire kitchen set-up to Goodwill because... I don't remember why. But the fact remains that I have a fridge and pantry somewhat full of food, but no plates, bowls, or silverware to eat it with. (Earlier tonight I contemplated driving through Taco Bell and asking them really nicely for a ton of sporks. I might do this tomorrow after church.)

Anyway, this week has been super exciting. Harbor's the greatest boy in the world, and moved my stuff up multiple flights of stairs many times over for me. Spending time with him was so, so happy. I love him more every day, and am so thankful for his role in my life. Being in love in really fun. 

Matilda loves my apartment, too. She is especially fond of a space on the floor where the previous owner spilled cat nip (and it makes her absolutely wild). 

I'm a happy camper with my kitchen all cleaned up and straightened out, so tonight I celebrated by making a huge jar of Mrs. Mango's hibiscus tea to let chill overnight... I can barely wait to enjoy it tomorrow afternoon! I'll have to share a photo whenever I drink it, because it's the prettiest color and tastes like heaven. <3

And, there you have it. A ton of photos from this past week. Now that I'm not in a purely moving mode, I promise to share photos that aren't strictly from my iPhone in the coming posts. I'm going to drop off my disposable tomorrow and cross my fingers for a few lovely shots from the summer adventures. And I'm itching to take my new lens out for a spin this week around Tally.

What are you looking forward to this week?


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