Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Settling into my new apartment.

Phew. What a whirlwind it is to move somewhere new. I feel like I've been going nonstop, but I wanted to check in, share a few photos and let you know I've got a few fun posts planned for the week. Keep your eyes peeled for a post full of gorgeous Destin photos, a post about returning to a place you haven't been to in awhile, and a surprise post dedicated to someone in my family. :)

But first... some photos from move-in week.

My bed the first few nights I was living in my new space. Queen fitted sheet, full-size flat sheet, and twin comforter. haha

My kitchen-in-progress. It's already looking tons better since this photo was taken.

Cooking and making tasty things in my kitchen. Study sessions with Matilda. 

I've gotten to explore the city a bit in the past two weeks, and I am happy to report that I've scored some major thrifting deals, including a cream-colored, floral couch that's nearly 9 feet long, and a vintage bedspread. 

I normally don't like the color orange, but when I saw this spread I knew I had to have it. I'm definitely up for the challenge of decorating a room around an orange bedspread. In fact, I have a cute piece of luggage from Urban Outfitters with a color palette I'm going to draw inspiration from when decorating. 

I also whipped up some peanut butter pies after reading this post. Talk about rich. Those pies were the heaviest things I've ever baked, and were devoured in two days. However, if you're itching to make a PB pie after reading this, I strongly urge you to make sure you have the proper mixing equipment first. I had to do it all by hand and I think my right bicep is twice as large as my left after that experience.

More moving, more exhausted naps. What great help I've had from Harbor and my family. Love them all so much. 

Tomorrow is my first of two orientations at FSU. Both are providing free food, and will be chock full of information. So I'm gonna finish eating this popcorn and fall asleep.


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  1. I'm SO glad to hear you're settling in well! Your new couch is amazing, and I love all of your dishes! Oh, and Matilda has to be the cutest cat! I wish my puppy would lay around and snuggle like that!

    I hope you a great time at your orientation today! You go girl! XO