Sunday, July 31, 2011

An afternoon at the beach!

We're on our way to Indiana today to grab my cousins and head to Cedar Point, and I am sooooo excited. If you've never heard of this amusement park before, check out their list of roller coasters and then come back here and get pumped with me.

So while I'm gone, I wanted to share a quick look at our afternoon at Centennial Beach yesterday.

The Naperville Park District is incredible. I don't know why I haven't realized it before, but my visit this summer has definitely opened my eyes to the glory of this city's well-run parks & rec department. Gorgeous hiking trails, community gardening plots, and... the "beach." 

My dad came along with my brother and sister and I to the (midwestern idea of a) beach yesterday. It's pretty awesome. There's a sand area, tons of grassy space with trees so you can lay in the shade and catch a breeze while you read, diving boards, a kids water slide, and an ice cream stand. You can't get more midwestern summer than that, folks. Unless it's a community pool surrounded by cornfields. (Yes, I spent my adolescence in the great state of Iowa.) So yesterday, I spent the afternoon reading through Catching Fire, the second book in The Hunger Games trilogy. And, taking cute photos with my little sister.

Then, I ended the trip with an avocado freeze with boba from Joy Yee Noodle. Harbor and I discovered this amazing place when we were visiting my family this past New Year's. Every time I go, I think of our fun night. <3

I'll be sure to share photos from our roller coaster adventure day as soon as I can! Wish me luck. :) 



  1. an avocado freeze?! oh my goodness. was it good?


  2. Yes! It's surprisingly sweet. It's just avocado, milk, ice and some sweetened condensed milk. Blended and pour over deliciously sweet boba pearls. :)