Tuesday, August 16, 2011

An all-around good day.

I'm sure having one. Today I spent all day training and running assessments for the research project I'm participating in this year, and I feel confident that I'll be all caught up to speed in no time. My professor and I even met up for coffee later in the evening to discuss some goals I have with my studies this year, and I felt so understood. I haven't felt this excited about an upcoming year of school in ages - looking ahead to my coursework and getting to work alongside some of my professors in research and publication is thrilling to me. But, enough nerdy stuff...

I also enjoyed lots of little things today:

Leftover Indian food for dinner. A frozen custard date by myself. Morning snugs with little Matilda. The smells and sounds of the College of Social Work building becoming familiar again. Laughing on the phone with Harbor. A decaf iced americano with skim milk. Learning new things.

Oh, and I picked up my photos from CVS today! It's a shame they're such low-quality. Maybe it's because I used a Walgreens camera and developed at CVS? (haha, No, it's probably because I neglected to use a flash when I really should have. Lots of grainy photos that couldn't be salvaged.)

Loved spending the day at Cedar Point with my sister and cousins.

And, remember blueberry picking? :)

Heading to bed now. I hope I dream about blueberries.


  1. you look so cute pickin the berries! the 2 ladies you went with acted so beat afterwards ; )

  2. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti.