Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We made it! (Officially the craziest cat-themed post you'll ever read on this blog)

Matilda and I moved to Tallahassee today! I'm so glad to have this journey behind me, because I had been having a bit of anxiety about my four-and-a-half hour car trip with a whining cat. I'm not joking, I had a dream one week ago in which Matilda and I had an adult conversation about how she didn't want to move to a new place and I had to convince her that it would be ok. haha! (If that doesn't scream crazy cat lady, I don't know what does.) 

Today I grabbed the last of my belongings and left Brevard County. Which means I had to say goodbye to many of my friends. Like I've mentioned in previous posts, I've been couch surfing for roughly two months and I have some really good friends who've been helping me out during my transition time. I even had temporary pets! So this morning I said goodbye to Deacon and Gizmo...

... and packed my kitty up so we could go get her tranquilized at the vet! haha

She was a very sleepy girl on our trip. But, unfortunately, they didn't give her enough of the medicine, and she woke up twice and tried to claw her way out. Ughhh. I was super glad when we finally arrived!

And so was she. She loves the new apartment. She was so happy exploring the space, playing with her toys, and giving me happy little kisses and "talking" nonstop. It was pretty weird how much she seemed to be enjoying herself. (I'm pretty sure some of her affection was leftover sedation.) She even figured out how to open my bedroom door, which is a problem. I'm going to have to ask my landlord to change the doorknobs.

And now this tired girl's going to bed! Harbor's going to help me move in over the next two days and I can't wait for him to get here! We haven't seen each other in a month. 

Again, sorry for the crazy-lady post. I hope the other cat ladies of the blogosphere enjoy it! 


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