Thursday, August 4, 2011

My brother's going to grad school.


Thus, we did a photoshoot tonight with him in each of the brand new ties he bought today while we were out. It was a really funny to pretend like we were doing a very serious, professional photoshoot for a lookbook or something... with my siblings' going-back-to-school clutter all over the floor, Jaclyn painting her nails in the background, and my parents watching tv behind "the model." What an odd and spontaneous family activity. 

Take a look at my cute little brother stylin' it up. Just imagine him walking around the campus of Northwestern, and hanging out with little kids in the clinic.


What a stylin' little brother I have. Which tie do you like the best? My favorite is the dark navy with pink dots.



  1. Lukas, give me some of your steez!

  2. Love this! And hate that I don't live near you! You are so creative and talented. You def inspire me!

  3. Thanks a ton, Mary Anne. I feel the same way about your blog. I mean it. I can't believe the transformation you've made. You are so bold, and I find myself going to your blog intentionally when I need to feel extra fancy and get creative with my clothes. :)

  4. Love these pictures! Ps. your brother is super cute, just putting it out there.

  5. i like the striped one. love your blog!