Sunday, August 7, 2011

In search of the perfect liquid eyeliner.

Maybe you can help? I tweeted about this earlier, and got a few responses, but I'm curious... have any of you used a liquid eyeliner you just can't live without? I've been wanting to put little wings on my lashes for years now. Literally, years. But 1) I've been too afraid to try it out myself, and 2) I didn't think I could "pull it off," but that's dumb. If I've wanted to do something for years, I should just do it, right? Right. (This is the season of life that I'm currently in... not letting silly insecurities stop me from trying out new styles or ways to wear my makeup, etc. Go away, old insecurities!)

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So... any suggestions? Please share! I'm open to trying out a few, I just don't want to break the bank. This poor girl's going back to school and no longer has an income. (Womp womp.)



  1. girl! i've been using urban decay's oil stick eyeliner and lovvvvve it - you should check some reviews on their liquid eyeliner and see if it's as amazing. urban decay + tarte are amazing make up brands and are completely vegan. : )

  2. This reminds me, I've been meaning to make a winged eyeliner tutorial:-) I usually just use drugstore brand liquid eyeliner, (I like to splurge on my other makeup products). xoxo

  3. I'd love to see a tutorial of yours. My friends are begging me to post one myself, but I'll need to practice a bit beforehand. :) Be sure to let me know when you post it!


  4. I love Stilla liquid eyeliner. It's the first eyeliner I've ever loved. Got it at sephora!

  5. I've been wearing my eyeliner like that for years now, and after you get the hang of liquid, you won't ever want to go back! I usually use Almay blackest black or black pearl [if you want a tiny bit of glitter]. It's definitely inexpensive, Almay doesn't test on animals, and the applicator is almost like a pen.
    Hope it helps!

    p.s. love your blog :]]