Saturday, July 30, 2011

Brunchin' every day.

The past two days I've had the gift of sweet family times and sticky-sweet breakfasty treats. If there's one thing my mom and I love, it's a good, solid breakfast spot, and I've been lucky enough to have eaten at two this week! Here's my recap, with lots of happy photos. 

First thing's first. You need to know about Egg Harbor. If you live in Illinois (or have friends/family in Illinois... or will ever visit Illinois in your life) then you've got to find the nearest Egg Harbor Cafe and plan a visit. There's just something so wonderful about this restaurant. It's always packed, but you never feel crowded. It's just cozy and warm and spirited. I've had some of the most delectable dishes from this place throughout the years. Veggie eggs benedict, a potato and pepper frittata, pumpkin and sunflower pancakes, and banana bread french toast (just to name a few). They have amazing drinks too, like their iced teas (mango and black current), and famous strawberry OJ. And their coffee is always warm and rich. Yesterday, I went with my mom, dad and brother, and I sipped on a cinnamon hazelnut coffee - with plenty of cream - while I savored every bite of that homemade banana bread french toast. Mmm. I love going there for brunch because I feel satisfied and stuffed for the rest of the day. 

This morning my mom and sister and I drove a half-hour to meet up with my Aunt Jude and Aunt Donna at a pancake house called Blackberry's. When we arrived, we were happy to see Donna's sister Kate there as well. Little side note: Do any of you guys have family friends you call "aunt" or "uncle," when in reality there's no relation to your family at all? My Aunt Donna is like that. She and my Aunt Jude used to be nuns years ago, and have worked to serve others in the medical community ever since. Donna's been in my life since the day I was born, and I love that she's a part of our family. (She has her MSW and she's so excited I'm going to be getting mine this year!) 

My Aunt Jude of one of my favorite women in the world. She's so inspiring, and she's also my godmother, so she prays for me daily and is a constant source of hope and security in my life. Every now and again she'll write me a sweet letter or email to share something God's shown her, or tell me about how she's thinking of me. She's been there for me so many times, and cheers me on in my social work and ministry endeavors as well. I love her so much. 

My Aunt Jude is on the left, and that's my mom on the right. Aren't they great? 

Aunt Donna and her sister Kate. Kate is very fun and lively, and has a 17-year-old bird named Isaiah the Prophet who eats noodles, rice and leg of lamb. haha!

Jude with Jaclyn and me.

Our sweet family. Don't the three of them look so alike? I'm sort of like the black sheep... haha. I'm the shortest of anyone in my family and am definitely a hybrid child of my parents. Everyone we know thinks my mom and little sister look so much alike. What do you think?

Today I ordered the best lemon blueberry pancakes and ate a pile of scrambled eggs. Cheap diner coffee, lots of sugar and cream. Ahhh. What do you love to order at breakfast diners/cafes? Any cute local breakfast restaurants in your area? 


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