Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How to have fun while you're moving.

Well, since I've been doing nothing but packing and moving all week, I figured I'd let you know how I've stayed happy and energized along the way. 

Step one: 
Get up early, get a good breakfast, and get a move-on!

Technically, this was a photo from yesterday. But this morning my brother met us at the storage units with Chick-fil-A biscuits and coffee. What a good guy.

Step two:
Make sure to enjoy yourself after a job well done. Celebrate by doing something fun!

We spent an hour at the pool after we unloaded all our stuff, before we got ready and went apartment hunting. Isn't that photo of me and my mom in the pool together so cute? I can't get over it! 

Step three: 
Eat a really good dinner to reward yourself for the hard work. And be spontaneous, when necessary. 

Mango lassi scrunch-face in the sun. I love Indian food so much.

We had a really productive day today, even though we haven't found a place for me to live yet. Tomorrow we try again! I'm determined to find a cute space for Matilda and me. 


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  1. I must say, your hair in that last photo is fabulous.