Monday, July 25, 2011

Not having internet means I can't blog.

Such is the life of a couch surfing nomad. My homeless wandering will be over in roughly two weeks when I'm all settled into Tallahassee and gearing up for my first semester of grad school.

So, in honor of sparse blogging, I wanted to share this with you:

That's a photo I took this morning while I was running errands all over town in preparation for my move. And below, you'll notice one of my favorite people (and doppleganger) Carra Sykes making fun of me. haha. She and her best friend Melissa and I like to send lots of funny texts, photos, and Instagram love back and forth. (If you'd like to follow me on Instragram, my handle is kaitlynmeanspure.) <3

Here are two more of our funny twin photos.

I hope your Monday is great. :)


  1. Twinsies for sure!

    Hope you're doing well! I'm so excited for you to start grad school! I may or may not have bought a few school supplies, and a few "school clothes" haha.


  2. I noticed you had lots of cute shopping dates with your mom on your visit, and I'd say calling them "school clothes" is a good excuse. ;)