Saturday, July 16, 2011

A morning in Cocoa Village.

This morning, I had a really sweet breakfast date with my friend Stephanie (an old TWLOHA intern from three summers ago) and afterward, I decided to explore parts of Cocoa Village that I hadn't been to before. Isn't it funny how you can live in a place for nearly two years and there are still little parts of your town you haven't ever seen? I swear, I've driven past this one particular section of the Village hundreds of times and thought to myself, "Oh, I really need to go there sometime." And today was that day!

So, after venturing past some of the spots I know and love, I popped into a handful of shops and boutiques, and chatted with the local business owners. Learned a bit about how long they had been there, and even got to share some information with a lady whose son is studying psychology and wanted to get connected to some of the work I've done. I stopped in a little jewelry store and bought an orange necklace for a buck. Little pieces of costume jewelry remind me of my sweet grandma. When she passed away last year, my mom and I were able to go to her funeral, and I took a ton of photos of her room the way she had left it before she died. That moment was one of my favorites - to share stories about grandma with my mom, and go through all her old cards, jewelry and photos together. (I'll have to do a special post for her later this summer and share some of those photos with you.) 

Then I spent a really long time in a tiny record store (that no one really raves about). It was fun to sift through the fifty cent bin and find a handful of records I either like to listen to, or just liked their overall aesthetic. I must have brought a ton of their dust home with me too, because I've been sneezing a lot in the last 10 minutes. Womp womp. 

I came home with Paul Simon, Cat Stevens, and my main man, Elton. I also ended up grabbing an album by a girl named Melanie. Not sure who she is, but her sparkle top and dreamy portrait were calling my name. (i.e. I want to do a photoshoot inspired by that album cover!) 

What a great morning. How has your Saturday been so far? 


  1. Sounds like a lovely morning! I love exploring new places and picking up new treasures!

    This morning I went to a farmers market and picked up a pretty silver ring from a local artist!

  2. I really thought of you a few times on my adventures today, Chelsea. It seemed like a very "you" think to do, to savor my local culture a bit.

    And I'm really excited to see that ring whenever you blog about it. I'm sure it's very pretty.

  3. Beautiful necklace! My Saturday has been quite relaxing and I took a long nap....:-) xoxoxoo

  4. LOving you hair color srslyyy. its friday, so im late for this BUT this morning was good! avoided the heat by getting out of my house by 730! thats GOT to be a record!