Saturday, September 17, 2011

A weekend in Charlotte, NC.

Hello from Charlotte! Like I mentioned in my last post, I've travelled up north with Harbor and his dad Eric to spend the weekend. They're here to bike the Urban Assault Ride tomorrow morning, and they're pretty pumped to be here. I'm just thankful they're letting me crash their father-son time. I love spending time with them. :)

We left super early yesterday morning (they left Destin at 4am to come get me from Tallahassee! yikes!) and took turns driving up to North Carolina. I used to live pretty close to Charlotte, so it's been neat to feel the chill in the air and remember what NC feels like this time of year.

We had a ton of fun driving up. Listened to cheesy 70s radio tunes, played Mad Libs, told jokes, and quoted some of our favorite movies and TV shows. And when we were in South Carolina, we made sure to eat at a BBQ joint so we could drink sweet tea and sample their sauce. I'm pretty sure I ate the most southern-style macaroni and cheese I've ever had. 

As soon as we got to our hotel (10 hours later) we changed super fast and geared up to take our first ride around the city. I've never ridden through a city before, let alone through a downtown area, so I was extra cautious and had the guys looking out for me. I'm feeling sore today, since I haven't ridden my bikes in months, but I felt pretty brave having finally ridden in traffic. (Don't worry mom, I'm alive! haha) 

We met up with some other riders at a local bike shop to hang out before we went to a party in the park to sample some New Belgium beers and enjoy short independent films. The photo above is a hilarious bike keg that the company has for the race. It's so funny. But don't worry, they're extra super safe and encourage sober riding. The real party doesn't happen until after the race is over tomorrow night. I signed up to volunteer at the event tomorrow, so I'll get to enjoy all the perks and also help the event run smoothly. In fact, the event coordinator and I chatted for a while last night about life, and we have way too many common interests and career experience. The world is small, and I love making new friends! Looking forward to spending tomorrow with her while the boys ride to win. 

Well, I'm off to finish up some of my school work before I head over to a bar and meet the guys for the FSU/Oklahoma game. Crossing my fingers we win this one. It'd be pretty exciting. 

I'll be sure to post photos after the ride in my next post. How are you spending the weekend?

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