Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Iced coffee, messy hair and naked nails.

This is a draft I've had sitting in my queue since summertime. I guess the title does feel more like a warm weather post than fall one, but it definitely rings true this week. I've been busy, busy! As my school schedule shifts ever-closer to midterms, I've found that I'm doing school-related things most hours of the day. It's really fun, but I've been challenged to find new ways to have fun and take care of myself.

For instance, I recently tried this iced coffee recipe and loved it, so last night I sent an email out sharing it with lots of my friends. Today, I was inundated with reply email updates, photo texts, and Instagram tags of sweet friends who tried it out themselves. I jokingly said to my friend Nichole that it sort of felt like one, big, girly coffee date. So fun.

But, I've found some really sweet ways to slow down and connect with friends lately too. I spent two days in Destin with Harbor's family over the weekend. Played around on the jet ski, (broke the jet ski...), jumped from the second story balcony into the harbor with Harbor (hehe). I've had dinner dates with my sister, and played with my kitty a lot. I've even found time to listen to new bands! Maybe I'm just getting better at time management and integrating my school work into my daily life. Let's hope so.

Now I think I'll finish catching up on blogs for the next 15 minutes while I sip up my tomato soup and peanut butter sandwich.

Then, of course, it's back to the books.


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  1. Suvey, it sounds like you're doing so well and really enjoying your time back at school. This makes me glad. =) <3