Monday, September 12, 2011

My Red Velvet dress arrived today.

Yes, yes, yes. After many months of waiting, and a sad missed opportunity of last season's collection... I finally have my very own Red Velvet dress! I'm so happy, I can't even handle it! So excited, in fact, that this entire post is dedicated to the unwrapping and trying on of my dress.


And, I don't have a full-length mirror. So whenever I really want to see myself before I walk out of my apartment, I set up my MacBook on the top of a box (yes, I'm not unpacked yet...) and make a little Photobooth video so I can see how I look. There was no way I was going to post that video online, so instead, I did the second most nerdy thing possible, and took screenshots of me in my new dress. Haha, I'm so weird. This is why I'm not a fashion blogger.

Isn't it cute?! I can't wait to style it with colorful tights and little oxfords and such this fall. Take a look at how Rachel styled this sweet little dress. I fell in love as soon as I read that post. 

I have lots left to do before bedtime tonight. Painting my nails is a top priority, right after I finish reading about substance dependency, and the like. Good this this week's homework is the area I know the most about. I can gloss right over it. 



  1. so cute! this was my favorite dress of the collection. in the second row of instagrams, there's something with drawings of the clothes. did that come with your dress? what fun.

  2. I love it so much! I'm always nervous to order things online but it fits you perfectly & is so you! =D

  3. congratulations on your purchase, lucky girl!! their dresses are so cute... you look great in it!

  4. This is the main dress I wanted! It looks so lovely on you <3