Sunday, September 4, 2011

A happy little Saturday.

You guys. I had such a wonderful day with my little sister! 

It all started late on Friday, when I got home for the night. I was snuggled in bed, browsing blogs and falling asleep, when it hit me. It was time to paint my nails! Now, I already talked about my nail adventure yesterday, so I'll spare you anymore details. 

I will tell you, however, that I can't stop painting leopard print nails. I. can't. stop. Jaclyn and I had plans to hang out and sew, so we spent some time studying, grabbed iced coffees from Dunkin Donuts (her latest obsession), and then came back to work through our next "lesson" in D.I.Y. Dress Up. (Best E-Course ever!) We ironed, cut, and arranged our fabrics for our next project, which we'll finish after church tomorrow morning. She and I worked on bows last week, and they were so much fun to make. 

Note: That pink bow is from American Apparel. It was just an inspiration for me while I worked.

Anyway, today I painted her nails leopard too. I'm serious about not being able to stop. It's so much fun. 


Tomorrow I have a lot of homework ahead of me, and unlike many of you, I will be laboring for part of Labor Day the day after, so I have to get a good head start on my studying if I want to successfully pull off an afternoon pool party when I'm done in the lab on Monday...  <3



  1. Love hearing about the fun you & Jaclyn have been having. =)