Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy birthday, Harbor!

Happy birthday to my sweet man. Today is Harbor's golden birthday, so he's 26 years old. Livin' his life. Being an awesome rockstar-turned-young-professional at the Florida Capitol. He's ultra-dreamy, super funny, and my best friend in the world.

Oh, you wanted to see a few pictures of us together? Ok. ;)

Birthday celebrations begin at midnight around here, so a cake was in order. We had donuts for dessert earlier in the evening, but I still wanted to let him blow out a candle and eat some cake and make wishes and all that, so I used my tried-and-true emergency chocolate cake recipe and tweeked it a bit to make it extra sweet. Then he opened presents. Yay! (I loooove presents.) 

Love you, HB.


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  1. happy birthday to harbor! i was just thinking the other day that I hope I get to meet him sometime, I've heard he's a pretty great guy. ;)