Sunday, January 15, 2012

Experimenting with my Diana + lens.

When I read the post about the Diana + lens over on A Beautiful Mess last week, I knew I had to finally get my own lens out of storage and test it out. Now, I say finally because I received this lens as a Christmas gift... in 2010. Shame! Shame on me! When I received it, I was super excited because I love my Diana F+ so much, but get slightly stressed having to deal with developing 120 film and worry about wasting frames with bad photo lighting judgement. (Because photo lighting is not always my forte.) But I was also very unsure about how to properly mount it on my digital camera body and I was super nervous about jamming a plastic adapter onto my Nikon. So I packed it in a drawer and honestly sort of forgot about it for awhile.

But a few months ago I emailed Photojojo! And, as always, they provided super-fast service and user-friendly advice to put me at ease about having to use a little extra "umph" when clicking the lens into place. They basically just told me to be brave and follow the instructions and trust the process. ;) There's also some helpful tips on the FAQ page found here

Anyway, Harbor and I took a spontaneous long-weekend trip to his parents' house in Destin earlier this morning and I made a special note on my packing list not to forget my Dreamy Diana Lens so I could test it out in the gorgeous Destin sunlight at sun down. Here are some photos from our little experiment earlier this evening:

Oh, and just so you know, the Dreamy Diana Lens is a wide angle lens built to be swapped out on the analog camera itself. (When you purchase the lens to use on your SLR or DSLR, you can also buy a camera-specific adapter over at Photojojo.) If you're not using this lens on your toy camera, you can use the viewfinder that comes in the kit just-for-fun with your digital medium of choice. I decided to jazz up some Instagram photos, too.

Have a happy long weekend, everyone. 


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