Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Endless birthday fun.

Well, Harbor's birthday week/weekend is finally over. I wanted to share a little reacap of all the fun things we did.

On Wednesday night (at midnight) we rang in his golden birthday with gifts and a quickly-made chocolate cake. Poor guy was really tired after working overtime that evening, but I still told him he had to visit me at my apartment before he went home. I love midnight birthday celebrations! And presents! And special surprises!

On Thursday (his birthday!) he had to work and I had night classes, so we went to a late dinner together at a local pizza shop here in town, ate HUGE slices, and geared up for the Twin Sister show at Florida State's student-run venue, Club Downunder. We were surprised to see our friend Nathan there, so we sat together at a little table upstairs to avoid the crowded feeling and just enjoy it together. It was really pretty and lots of fun. And afterward, Harbor and I went into total college-kid mode and hit up Jimmy John's to share a veggie sub at 1:30 in the morning. (So not what I do anymore, haha.)

Saturday was a special because I had planned a cute picnic afternoon together, and we split an incredible tomato sandwich from Tomatoland and packed along some spicy hummus, pretzel chips, fresh fruit, and savory sharp cheddar. The park we picnicked in has the absolute largest tree in the world, and it's a romantic hidden spot for lots of couples in town. The weather was gorgeous and the whole thing was very picturesque. In fact, a woman stopped us and told us that we looked like we were out of another era, with our special outfits and little picnic basket in tow. (We thought that was really cute and a very nice thing to say.)

Sunday was homemade pizza night! We ended our weekend with my little sister, making pizza together and playing some card games. What a wonderful few days to celebrate one of the greatest guys I know.

What about you? How have you celebrated special birthdays?


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