Friday, May 20, 2011

Home again.

So it's been nearly two weeks since my last post. I'm sorry! The truth is, not blogging has been easy and sort of a breath of fresh air. I've had a weird month and I'm not always in a very creative mood, so blogging gets put on the backburner, along with other things I typically enjoy doing. But my dad told me that he missed reading my posts, so this update is dedicated to him. I love you, Dad!

As many of you may recall, earlier this month, my mom, sister and I drove two days up to Chicago, then spent an entire week in the midwest with my family and friends. I had a good time there, and as much as I enjoy being home in my old routine again, it was nice to be away from "normal" for awhile. Here are a few highlights from my trip!

I met my friend Katie Licht (and her sweet babygirl, Norah) for the first time! We had brunch with my sister Jaclyn, and then strolled around downtown after my campus visit. Getting to meet and spend time with Katie was a really special time. I feel like I've known her for much longer than I actually have. She's really easy to be with, and I appreciate her genuine warmth and joy.

I saw my friend Mike's graduation performance from The Second City, which included a scene in which he wore a pink wig and dressed in semi-drag. Always a plus.

I ate an incredible friend green tomato and red pepper eggs benedict at brunch with my mom and sister one morning at the Egg Harbor Cafe. It's one of my favorite places, and now that I'm dating a Harbor, it's sort of extra special to me. 

I drove over to Iowa! That cute girl on the right is Kiley, one of my best friends in the world from middle and high school. I hadn't seen her in the flesh in over three years, so we made up for it with a six hour dinner date and downtown Davenport adventure. Including a riverboat casino. It just doesn't get much better than that in the corn state. We shared some really personal stuff, and it reminded me just how thankful I am for friends who stand the test of time. She's dear to me. 

We went on an afternoon lunch and movie adventure to go see Bridesmaids the day it came out. I guess that I liked it so much, because I saw it again a few nights later with Harbor and our friends Claire & John. Kristen Wiig is one of Jaclyn's and my favorite SNL cast members right now. 

And, the Duke arrived just in time for a birthday dinner at Weber Grill! My dad and I got some grilled fish and the others got burgers, ribs and steak. What a delicious meal. 

Also, equally as special, but unfortunately not featured (due to a disposable camera malfunction), an afternoon with my sweet cousin, Kelly! We drank iced mate lattes together, and then hung out in the city a bit before dinner at Elly's Pancake House. Love you, Kel! <3

Since returning home, I've enjoyed lots of Matilda time, Harbor time, home time, and new intern time! Lots of newness this spring. I just wish the weather wouldn't keep creeping higher and higher into the 80s and 90s so soon. It's only a matter of time until I'm constantly sweaty. I hope all who receive my hugs this summer don't mind getting a little damp. Well, that about does it for this trip's wrap-up. I'll see you all again before another two weeks go by.


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