Monday, May 9, 2011

Family time in the midwest.

I'm spending this week in Illinois with my family. I've had this trip planned for a while now, but I'm glad that it fell during the time that it did. It's just good to be with family right now.

Yesterday, my mom, sister and I drove the second shift of our journey, through Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana before landing in Illinois. Before leaving, I asked Harbor for some of his road traveling tips and tricks. I don't know how many miles he's driven the past seven years or so, but those boys are probably way more skilled at keeping sane during those car "cabin fever" moments than I am. I was bummed when he told me that it's easiest to sleep the miles away, because I'm a pretty terrible car sleeper. However, on this trip we've found that books on CDs work wonders. Even though Mad Libs and Road Trip Bingo have served me well over the years, too. Games, conversations and good playlists usually do me just fine.

Although, driving through states with gorgeous scenery helps too. Look at these photos of Indiana at sunset!

The following three photos are from the Fowler Ridge Wind Farm. With over 200 wind turbines, this area is really a sight to behold. I watched as we passed them for miles and miles, looking a little like kids turning cartwheels. So pretty.

While I'm here visiting, I'll be checking out two grad schools in Chicago that I'm considering attending. And, aside from visiting some friends of mine in the city, I'm also planning to meet up with Katie Licht while I'm here! I've never met another blogger before, but it's only fitting that Katie's my first. She and I "met" awhile back during an art journaling course, and I've admired her work and appreciated glimpses into her sweet family's life online ever since. It'll be fun to grab lunch or coffee and get a tour of her town.

The rest of this week I'll be snapping fun photos of my adventures. Stay tuned for some fun posts from my favorite city.

Yay for Chicago!


  1. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family this week! Also, enjoy your time wandering around Chicago, checking out grad schools (ECK!), and meeting up with your blog friend!

    Sending good vibes and prayers your way<3

  2. Thanks Chelsea. Very appreciated. And you're definitely on my list of bloggers I need to meet one day. Just tricky since I never ever go to Arizona. haha

  3. hey! I'm so glad we met up today. I really enjoyed it and I hope you (and your sister!) did too. Have a great week with your family and definitely keep in touch whenever you're in the area. :)